Digital Assets Technologies AG

Bridging the last mile
between traditional accounting and decentralised finance

Whether it’s individuals, companies or financial institutions – Our solution helps you comply with crypto-requirements that are being implemented across the EU and the rest of the world, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

We build a modularised framework analysing blockchain data, enrich them, create compliant reports and connect to accounting systems.

We bring light into the unstoppable fast-growing data-jungle

The blockchain ecosystem is planting a massive data-jungle with roots in every direction. We developed a Digital Assets Reporting Engine, in short D.A.R.E. to give you a pathway trough the jungle to provide structure to your data. D.A.R.E. is able to provide a central overview of your crypto portfolio and investments as well as providing a bridge to map transaction data into external accounting and tax system via our API.

D.A.R.E. is 100% Swiss Made and a product developed by the DAT.AG, a sister company of the ETH SpinOff Validity Labs. Founded by some of the blockchain industry’s foremost builders. 

Privacy Preserving

We believe in privacy, thats why we offer authentication methods that do not store any personal data with us.


D.A.R.E is a modulated API as a Service
that can scale up with rising user needs. 

Clean Design

Our B2C dashboard will provide you with a clear and near real-time overview of all your crypto-assets performance.

KYT / AML Check

We getting ready for AML directive 5 and prove KYT service so you can check your Wallet ID.

Asset Reporting

D.A.R.E is build to provide comprehensive compliant reports on your crypto-assets.

Multi Blockchain Support

D.A.R.E supports multiple blockchains. We will provide support for many networks over time.

We are looking to build a strong network
of partner!

You run a business in the blockchain eco system? You are a Broker or Financial Intermediate? Are you an Accountant or Tax Service Provider?
You've made it to the right place! We would love to hear from you and evaluate how we can help you to automate your workload around
crypto-assets reporting.


Our All-in-One solution

Imagine you could have the best features out of 20 different applications to make your application superior; One dashboard to rule them all.

D.A.R.E is not only a convenient dashboard to give you an overview of your crypto-portfolio but also tackles some of the major issues that cooperates are dealing with, such as accounting, reporting as well as KYT (know your transactions) to be compliant with regulations.

  • Portfolio tracking in nearly real-time
  • KYT, OpenVasp & Forensics Reporting
  • Tax Reporting 
  • Crypto Accounting 
  • Easy data-import of multiple blockchains
  • API access directly into supported accounting software

Take advantage of our White-labled
B2B Dashboard

Build for Accounting professionals, our B2B solution will help to gather transaction data, simplify categorising and accounting.
The product is still in development but if you are interested in test-driving it as soon as we release it, get in touch.


For who D.A.R.E is the perfect solution


Individuals & Crypto Traders

We provide crypto enthusiasts with an easy dashboard to manage their crypto-investments, to see the performance generate reports and monitor transactions.


Financial Institutions, SME & Broker

A special purpose API enables  SME & Enterprise to synchronise and map transaction data directly into their own systems.


Accountants & Tax Offices

Our White-labled solution is purposely build for Accounting professionals enabling them to provide easy, automated crypto-reporting for their clients.

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